Hey! Welcome to Urban Roots. 
We’re here because we love people and beer.

We wanted to make beer and create a space to show that love to the world. Our place has plenty of room for people to hang out and enjoy one another, some super fresh beer and some really tasty food. 

Urban Roots started when Rob and Peter decided it was time to open the brewery they’d been dreaming of for a long long time. They wanted a place where they could express their love for the industry they’ve been a part of for so long. With Urban Roots they hope to pay homage to all of the wonderful people they have met on their journey. People that showed them amazing beer and maybe more importantly showed them a good time. 


1322 V St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 11AM to 10PM
Friday - Saturday: 11Am to 11PM
Sunday: 11am to 10pm

*Please note that the kitchen closes every night at 9:30pm

Meet our team


Rob Archie

Rob spent some time playing basketball in Europe and traveling the all over the country. Even after he was done playing basketball he found himself returning to the places that fueled his passion for beer and it's culture. It was during this time that he fell in love with beer and decided that he wanted to bring that love back home to Sacramento with him. In 2008 he opened up Pangaea Bier Cafe, one of Sacramento’s O.G. craft beer spots. Rob loves good people, good beer and good food which is what Urban Roots is all about. 

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Peter Hoey

Peter is no stranger to the world of beer. He’s spent the past two decades immersed in everything beer; from being a shift brewer at Sierra Nevada to brewmaster at Sacramento Brewing Company to consulting breweries all over the country while working at BSG. If you ever hear the sweet sounds of Phish being blasted in the back of the brewery it probably means that Peter is hard at work brewing up something awesome.


Peter Salmond
Head Brewer

Peter Salmond is a Sacramento native and longtime friend of Brewmaster Peter Hoey. He has been in the industry for nearly 20 years and has built a reputation for brewing quality beers at the highest level. In 2015 he was crowned as Homebrewer of the Year in the AHA National Homebrew Competiiton and most recently brewed for Brooklyn Brewing and Other Half. The addition of Salmond’s knowledge, passion and talent is going to take Urban Roots to the moon. We’re so excited to introduce him as a part of our team and for what he brings to it.


Greg Desmangles
Executive Chef

Chef Greg has worked his way up from washing dishes to dishing out plates of damn good food. Most recently he has spent the past 3 years as a sous chef at Pangaea Bier Cafe in Curtis Park. He takes a lot of inspiration from cooking with his mom when he was a kid and from the food that he loves to eat the most. He’s a humble man and knows that he has much to learn to become a master of the pit, so for now we call him the Sorcerer of the Smoke. 

the brewery

At Urban Roots we believe that beer is about people and community. We strive to offer a broad spectrum of beers so that there is a little something for everyone.  Our brewmaster and cofounder, Peter Hoey, has been brewing tasty beers for nearly two decades and opening Urban Roots gives him the opportunity to share his love for beer with everyone. Our brewery features a 15 barrel brewhouse with 30 barrel fermenters so that we can make big batches to send out into the world for everyone to enjoy while still being able to experiment with special small batches for the pub.


The beer

Stick around long enough and you’ll see it all. Lagers, IPAs, Porters, Stouts and many different Belgian inspired ales. Crisp, tart, hoppy, roasty and all of them tasty just the same. 

We have a massive beer garden inspired by the gardens we’ve seen across Germany. Expect a few classic German style lagers to enjoy under the chestnut trees, just like those that keep the cellars of Germany cool in the hot summer months. 

Saison will be the largest part of our Belgian style offerings. The complexity and food friendly nature of these beers make it a wonderful accompaniment to the Urban Roots experience. You’ll see strong version, session version, mixed fermentation versions using wild yeast and bacteria and of course the straightforward classic takes on the style. 

We know that for many hoppy beers are king, so we'll have plenty for the hop head too. We love aromatic and balanced hoppy beer. Some of our beers are clear and others are a little bit harder to see through but they both serve the same purpose  — to express the glory of the hops. 


barrel room

The Barrel Room is where all of our mixed fermentation and oak aged beers live and doubles as a place to host special events and parties. The walls are lined with over a hundred oak barrels and a 30 barrel oak foeder which will be a central part of our beer program. Inside these barrels are a blend of cultures, some local, some from a lab, and some from our friends brewerie's which will give these beers a wide variety of flavors as they age over time. If you’re interested in hosting a party or special event in the Barrel Room, please contact party@urbanrootsbrewing.com

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We've got eight serving tanks in the cold box behind the bar, each of which can hold up to 60 kegs worth of beer. Most of the beer you drink will come directly from these tanks to the tap and then into your glass. This way we can be sure that your beer is super fresh and super tasty.

the smokehouse

At Urban Roots we put love into everything we do; and that includes the food that comes from our kitchen. We traveled the country, from California to Texas to Memphis to Louisiana, to find inspiration and to learn from the people who know how to do it best. Our kitchen will offer some classics such as smoked brisket and ribs, as well as some fun stuff you might not normally find in a traditional smokehouse. Did we mention, the food is extra tasty with fresh beer? 



You’ve heard it before: Great food starts with great ingredients. Luckily, because of our location in California we have access to some of the best produce, meat, and ingredients in the country. Our kitchen crew takes these ingredients and gives them the love they deserve. There is all kinds of food coming out of our kitchen. We’re talking smoked meats, sharable food, nibble-y food, vegetarian food, food between bread, food on a bed of greens and even a couple fun sweets.  You can have smoked brisket, Mac and cheese, BBQ’d shrimp and a beautiful stuffed poblano all in one place. We’ve got a little something for everyone, and that certainly includes you. Click here to check out our full menu. 



It comes as no surprise that the main feature of the smokehouse is our smoker, or as we like to call it, Black Beauty. We’ve brought it all the way from J&R Manufacturing in Mesquite, Texas. It can cook up to 1800lbs at one time (that’s nearly 300 racks of ribs) and is central to all of our cooking at Urban Roots. We use primarily white oak and cherry in the fire box. While being plentiful in our area they both play their part. The oak lends a gentle and balanced flavor and the cherry brings the heat. Some food comes straight from the smoker to your tray and some of it incorporates smoke in its seasoning or as a condiment. You’ll be surprised to find how balanced and enjoyable smoke can be.