Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations however we do take bookings for special events with parties of 20 or more. Click the button below to make an inquiry.

Can I bring my dog to Urban Roots?

We love dogs so much that we've even got an Instagram account (@urbanwoofs) so they can join our pack! We welcome you to bring your well-behaved canine to hang out on our patio, however we can't allow dogs inside the brewery or restaurant space due to California health code regulations.   

What is your Growler policy?

We don't sell our own growlers however we are happy to fill up growlers from other breweries so long as they meet some basic requirements. All growlers must be clean and have some identifying information in regards to their size (i.e. has marks for 32oz / 64 oz). Please be sure to bring a cap as we don't have any spare or backup caps because we don't stock or sell our own growlers.  

What about Crowlers?

We sell 32oz. Crowlers of our beer so that you can take it home to enjoy. We recommend drinking it within three days of purchase so your beer stays super tasty and fresh.

Where should I park?

We know that parking in downtown can be tough. There is a variety of street parking that surrounds our building including some streets that have no time limit. We don't want you to get a ticket so please check the signs where you park to make sure there are no time limits. Most importantly, please do not park in the CalFire parking lot directly across from us as your car will be at risk of being towed. We encourage everyone to take alternative forms of transportation such as biking or public transit.